Dive deep into your healing so you can experience integration, 

wholeness and authenticity.

Soul Retreival ~
A shamanic journey utilizing the Completion Process and parts work

I will hold a safe space for you to be able to go into the vulnerable places that hold difficult emotions like fear, anger, guilt, confusion, and shame. Through the Completion Process, I will guide you through the painful/scary/uncomfortable memories that hold the keys to core beliefs about yourself and the world around you. We can then bring in truth and healing to the parts of you that have been hurting and hiding and frozen with fear and pain and give them the love and nurturing they need so they can integrate back to yourself to reclaim all of the love and connection that they so deserve.

This is a shamanic journey to retrieve parts of yourself that have fragmented during times of trauma.  This is a powerful process and will create shifts in your life.  Be prepared to go deep and to be willing to allow space for integration after this process is completed.


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Emotional Release Breath Work

Currently I am facilitating group breath work on a monthly basis in the Salt Lake City area.  

We begin with smudging and a stating of your intention.

Please bring 2 blankets to lay on (sleeping bags work very well).  During the sacred breath ceremony- we will be doing a connected breath (in and out through your mouth)-  we will be working with the drum, rattles, music, feathers, and sage/copal/cedar to assist you with your journey.

It is a very beautiful and powerful experience- some people have very powerful emotions come up, some have more peaceful experiences, whatever the experience you have we hold space for that and help in the journey. 

For current Breath Ceremonies: https://www.sacredhealinggrounds.com/ceremony

Plant Medicine

I currently facilitate medicine (Grandfather- Peyote) ceremonies in Salt Lake City as well as travel to other states to facilitate these ceremonies.  Participation requires membership in the Oklevueha Native American Church. 

Please contact me if you are interested in participating.

For more information on membership:  https://nativeamericanchurches.org/

For current Medicine Ceremonies: https://www.sacredhealinggrounds.com/ceremony

Woman's Circles

I occasionally hold woman's circles in my backyard tipi in the Salt Lake Valley.  We also hold First Moon celebration ceremonies for girls who just started menstruation, Blessingway ceremonies for pregnant mother's- celebrating the mother about to give birth, and other ceremonial circles.

I currently rent out the tipi space for sacred ceremonies and circles, please message me for details.

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