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For the last 25 years, as a clinical social worker and medicine woman, I have worked with people who are dealing with depression, anxiety, abuse, disconnection, addictions, generational patterns, phobias, relationship and parenting issues, low self esteem, not feeling safe, powerlessness, core imprints, and the lack of self-love.

I have been on my own healing journey for many years.  I have been able to break patterns of disconnection, abuse, and come back into my body so that I could carry and connect with my 5 children in the ways that I was not able to be connected to as a child. I am such an advocate for true connection to our children and the healing that is needed so that patterns of abuse and neglect and disconnection are not handed down to the next generation.

The work I currently facilitate in my one-on-one sessions, groups facilitation work , and breath work are under my credentials as a Medicine Woman under ONAC.

Please contact me if you would like me to facilitate breath work or my other healing modalities at your retreat or with your private group.



I have had the pleasure of working with Lana both in ceremony and in one on one sessions on multiple occasions. These experiences have been pivotal in my personal growth~ especially in dealing with my childhood trauma. Lana has been able to contain me in going through my most intense trauma, and help give clarity to all the things that are flushed to the surface on medicine. I highly recommend her private ceremony and one on one session package. Being able to have her assistance post medicine was very important for me because I was able to fully integrate all the things that medicine brought up for me~~ Lynn

 One on one sessions:
As a therapist myself, and have been in therapy my entire life, I can honestly say that every single session with Lana, has been the equivalent of 10 years of therapy. The ways in which she combines her knowledge of psychology, spirituality, human behavior and emotions, parenting, with her training in Completion Process work, is truly unmatched by any other modality or provider I have worked with. I see Lana regularly, and I honestly do not think I would be alive without her support, wisdom, and guidance.

Just a few of the MANY transformative shifts that have taken place in my life since starting to work with Lana are things like:

   ⁃    Learning how to set Boundaries
   ⁃    Taking back my voice
   ⁃    Understanding and coming to know the parts of me and the trauma keeping me stuck in spaces of depression, anxiety, and overwhelm - rather than simply being given a diagnosis
   ⁃    Connecting with the part of myself who was self-harming, learning to love her, and witnessing as the desire to harm myself completely dissipated 
   ⁃    Standing in my Sovereignty
   ⁃    Understanding what my Values truly are, and learning how to align my life with them
   ⁃    Letting go of things, people, habits, etc. that were no longer serving me
   ⁃    Truly, fully, and authentically being able to say I LOVE myself
   ⁃    Finally coming to know that I am ENOUGH
   ⁃    Identifying programs and patterns that I have been operating from for years, and learning how to live in my own personal Authenticity.

Medicine Work:
Lana facilitates and holds SUCH an incredible space with this medicine. I have sat in over 20 Ceremonies, now, and every single Ceremony I sit in creates shifts and changes in my life that I never before thought were possible. I feel more safe in the Tipi, than anywhere else on this planet. Lana’s intimate and deep relationship with this medicine, and her own continual personal practice of doing her own work, creates this space of safety, understanding, expression, expansiveness, and a genuine recalibration of body, mind, and soul. 
Lana’s ability to hold such a sacred, safe, space… with such genuine authenticity, wisdom, love, kindness, and support, as each person in the Tipi goes through their own individual process… is unlike anything I have experienced before~~ Rae

Lana Fink is one bad-ass woman.  Her compassionate ability to show you the parts of  yourself that need to be seen is truly amazing. I'm getting a little choked up thinking about all the little transformations and deeper awareness of myself since working with Lana.  I have been blessed to be able able to have seen the magic that Lana carries in all arenas of her life- in and out of the tipi.  With Lana as a guide for the completion process she ushered in a new way of how I view my inner child.  She has  such a deep knowledge of how the mind and the emotional body is either working together, or not.  Alongside her intuition, she has taught me things I didn't even know were on my radar.  Maybe I should warn you, transformation is inevitable with Lana, in a gentle yet very powerful way.  Just how I like it!  Amazing~ Kathleen H.

The session I had with Lana was very deep and empowering. I have been going through some transitions in my life recently. I had made the intention to connect more deeply to my inner child and heal some things that were keeping me latched onto some codependency habits such as smoking tobacco. The session I had with Lana allowed me into a space where I could connect with myself on a deeper level. I was able to connect to my womb space and find out more about myself. She connected naturally to my womb simply by opening a space of trust and vulnerability so I could let go. During the session she connected to my inner child and also helped me to connect there as well. She walked me through a deep healing process and I felt very safe during it. Lana has a beautiful way of communicating and opening up a space for others to feel they can just let go. I had no problems allowing my emotions to be fully expressed through this process because of it. I now have a more secure understanding of what it is I am learning about myself at this time. I feel the session I had with Lana has helped me connect with myself on a deeper level. I realized how much I have neglected my inner child. I learned a lot from the session I had with Lana. She has helped open up more communication with myself and my body because she held space and walked me through the steps that helped me to connect. I appreciate Lana and I would definitely recommend her and even get further sessions with her in the future.  ~Angela K.

I honestly feel that Lana was sent to me by angels.  I have been apart of her woman circles as well as her completion process over the last year.  I am so grateful for her ability to hold space and be present with such bold love.  She has journeyed back with me to my inner child and guided me to heal such broken parts of me.  I am amazed at how an "over-the-phone" session could be such a sacred healing experience.  I am truly grateful for her!    ~Elizabeth P.

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